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Mesa Boogie 0.S210.AMB Subway Ultra-Lite Bass Speaker Cabinet with 2x10" Speakers-Music World Academy

Mesa Boogie 0.S210.AMB Subway Ultra-Lite Bass Speaker Cabinet with 2x10" Speakers

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The 2x10 is the compact solution for players who prefer the midrange articulation and focus of 10s, but need a smaller option than the classic 4x10. Combining two allows a more portable solution than one heavier quad-box and the ability to take one for rehearsal or small venues and two for gigs with louder bands or in bigger venues. Using the 2x10 in combination with a 1x12 or 1x15 imparts color, articulation and iconic midrange punch along with more volume. Built with all the same woods, aircraft-style bracing and Tri-Port™ porting, the 2x10 Ultra-Lite brings another key voice to the modular approach in compact, lightweight Bass Cabinetry.


Style/Type: Tuned Front Ported Tri-Porting™
Speaker(s) & Mounting Position: Subway Neodymium Speaker
High Frequency Horn: Yes
Horn Control: Premium Attenuator
Input/Output Connectors: 2 x SpeakOn-1/4" (NL-4 combo)
Nominal Impedance: 8 ohms (only)
Minimum Impedance @ Frequency: 7.90 ohms (@21Hz)
Average Sensitivity (RMS) 50Hz-1000Hz: 98.1dB/1W/1M
Maximum SPL - 50Hz-1000Hz: 126dB/1M
Average Thermal Power (RMS) 50Hz-1000Hz: 600 Watts
Average Mechanical Power (RMS) 50Hz-1000Hz: 500 Watts
Minimum Mechanical Power (RMS) @ Frequency: 425 Watts (@81.3Hz)
Low Freq F3 (Hz): 53.6 Hz
Low Freq F6 (Hz): 48.0 Hz
Low Freq F10 (Hz): 42.1 Hz
High Freq Response: >12kHz
Transport Assistance: Optional (sold separately) - Track-Loc™ Removable Casters
Additional Features: n/a


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