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Traynor YBA100 All Tube Bass Amp Head-100 Watts-Music World Academy

Traynor YBA100 All Tube Bass Amp Head-100 Watts

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The YBA series signature is its versatility. The stock YBA100 ships with 4 hand-selected and tested 6L6 power tubes, delivering a classic smooth tube tone. For players looking for a more aggressive bass sound, the stock 6L6 tubes can be easily changed to any high quality EL34 tube set and be re-biased in the field, making the YBA100 essentially two amps in one chassis.

The all-tube Traynor YBA100 100-watt bass head has been designed to be the ultimate tube head for the working musician.  LED indicators on the rear of the amp show proper tube function and status. In rare cases where a tube may fail, the YBA100 will lock out the problem tube and its partner, allowing the amp to finish the show on the remaining active tubes.

Smaller, portable and accessible, the YBA 100 is a lunch-box style amp, lighter than most 100 watt tube amps on the market.  The YBA100 is the ideal amp for today’s bassist, providing the ideal amount of output for tighter stage plots.

Key Features
- Three 12AX7 pre-amp tubes, a 12AU7 Driver (YBA300 only), and 6L6/EL34 power output tubes (12 on the YBA300 and 4 on the YBA100). That’s 300 watts on the YBA300 (100 watts on the YBA100) of all tube power and tone.
- 3-Band tone controls with frequency selectable Mid control along with Deep, Bright, and Resonance tone switches.
- True balanced D.I./Line output. Selectable Pre-EQ or Post-EQ and Ground Lift.
- Effects Send and Return jacks (Pre-Amp Out and Power Amp Input). These jacks provide direct access to the Traynor all-tube bass amplifier’s signal chain so you may slave out, or slave into, another amp; or you can use these jacks as an effects loop (for professional-grade signal processing equipment).
- Tuner Out jack.
- Individual tube Bias Adjust, Indicator LEDs, and lockout so you will always know the status of your tubes.

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