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Rapco H16-25LN2 Speaker Cable 1/4" Male-Speakon 25ft-Music World Academy

Rapco H16-25LN2 Speaker Cable 1/4" Male-Speakon 25ft

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These 16-gauge Speakon-to-1/4-inch cables use authentic Neutrik NL2FC Connectors and are RoHS compliant. For professional applications, Neutrik Speakon connectors allow you to plug straight from an amp to a speaker with increased power transfer.

A Speakon connector is designed with a locking system that may be used for soldered or screw-type connections. Speakon connectors are a higher current-carrying alternative to TRS connectors, two-pole twist lock, and XLR connectors for loudspeakers. Speakon connectors lock into their sockets with a twisting motion, making them significantly less prone to disconnection than standard TRS plugs. Speakon connectors are fully shielded from human touch, preventing electrical shock risks associated with high power audio amplifiers and unshielded connections.

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PLU: H1625LN2

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